Amazon – A Year in Review

Amazon in Q1

Total GMV: $101,025,000.00


Major Accomplishments

Amazon acquired a pharmaceutical company

Amazon reached a $1 trillion market cap

Amazon put Alexa in EVERYTHING in the smart home space

Amazon in Q2

Total GMV: $105,324,000.00

Major Accomplishments

Amazon installed Alexa for Hospitality in Marriot Hotel rooms

Amazon opened three cashierless “Go” convenience stores

Amazon opened a “4-star” store in Manhattan,
which is a store that sells Amazon products

Amazon Web Services claimed name to
more than ⅓ of the world’s cloud storage

Amazon in Q3

Total GMV: $112,459,333.00

shipping with amazon

Major Accomplishments

Amazon donated $10,000 or more to 30 congressional candidates

Amazon surpassed 1,500 items under the AmazonBasics brand

Amazon launched Shipping With Amazon,
to compete directly with FedEx and UPS

Amazon in Q4

Total GMV: $143,936,667.00

Major Accomplishments

Amazon eliminated order minimums for free
shipping around the holiday shopping season

Amazon acquired Ring, the popular doorbell camera startup

Amazon won 3 Academy Awards for Prime original content –
a historic achievement for the streaming industry

Amazon expanded Whole Foods Prime delivery to 60 cities

Total GMV 2018