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How Amazon Brand Registry Can Help Protect Your Brand | Amify

How Amazon Brand Registry Can Help Protect Your Brand

This article will give an overview of the tools available through Amazon Brand Registry that allow brands to remedy counterfeit problems and control what content third-party sellers can manipulate.  First, let’s figure out what exactly Amazon Brand Registry is.


What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Revamped in 2017, Amazon Brand Registry is a tool that helps brands maintain a consistent and accurate experience for shoppers visiting their brand, as well as protect their registered trademarks.  Brands are able to search for content using ASINS, keywords, or even images, and report any suspicious activity or violations. On Amazon’s end, they can use information about your brand to proactively help protect it from inaccurate content and possible infringement.


What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

There are over 100,000 brands that are a part of this program, according to Amazon. Those brands reported that they have had over 98% less suspected violations than they did before this tool existed.  Amazon Brand Registry clearly benefits brands – here are some of ways that it does so.

  • Brands are represented more accurately. Using Amazon Brand Registry gives brands more control over their name and what is associated with it. If a brand is part of this program, they are able to make certain that what shoppers are seeing is correctly representing their brand.
  • Strong report and search tools.This program makes it much easier to find potential violations. Brands can search through content from many different Amazon stores from one screen, they can search by their images or logos, they can do a bulk ASIN search to locate possible infringement, and they can also look at popularity by sorting average customer ratings. Once a brand is done searching, Brand Registry walks you through a simple guided process to report these possible violations. Amazon will then review and act appropriately.
  • Even more brand protections. Amazon will actually take information about your brand (that you provide) and put into place additional protections that can attempt to find and remove bad listings. The more information you give them, the better they are able to help protect your brand. They will look for things like incorrect use of your trademarked images, terms, or logos, and listings made under your brand name that are not actually affiliated with the brand. They also look to identify sellers that are shipping your brand’s products from countries that you do not manufacture or distribute in.
  • Enhanced features to help build your brand. Using Amazon Brand Registry, you have access to tools such as A+ brand content (formerly enhanced brand content), brand stores, sponsored brand ads, and the brand dashboard.
Craft Using A+ Content for Their Brand Store | Amify
Craft’s brand is represented more accurately through the Brand Registry.


What is the cost associated with Amazon Brand Registry?

Currently there is no cost to join Amazon Brand Registry, though you will need to have a registered trademark to qualify for the program. Generally, fees for a registered trademark range from $200-$400, but this of course can vary depending on things like the level of brand protection.


How do I register for Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Review the requirements for eligibility. As stated above, you need to have an active registered trademark in the country in which you are trying to enroll. The trademark has to be a text-based mark or an image-based mark that has words, letters, or numbers. Depending where it is registered, there can be different classifications based on the office where the trademark was issued. Other requirements include having an Amazon account, which can be an existing one, that has its credentials associated with Seller or Vendor Central. You also have to be able to verify yourself as the authorized user or rights owner for your trademark.
  • Sign on to Amazon Brand Registry. If you meet the requirements above, you then have to sign into Amazon Brand Registry. To do this, use your Vendor or Seller Central credentials to log on. You can then start using the features of the program.
  • Enroll your brand in the program. In order to qualify for an Amazon brand registration, you will need to provide your brand name (with the active registered trademark), the government-registered trademark number associated with it, a list of your product categories, and a list of the countries where your products are manufactured and distributed.


How to Register Your Brand on the Amazon Brand Registry
The Amazon Brand Registry guides you through the registration process in 3 steps.


If a brand is already enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry but they enrolled prior to April 30, 2017, they will need to re-enroll in order to use the updated benefits. It is highly encouraged that all brands, old and new, apply to Amazon Brand Registry to receive all of the amazing benefits outlined in this article. If you are interested in Brand Registry and need some help navigating it, Amify is here to help. Let’s talk.