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How to Drive Sales with Amazon A+ Content | Amify

How to Drive Sales with Amazon A+ Content

If your brand is dipping its toe into selling via Amazon Seller Central, you’ve probably heard about A+ Content. Formerly known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, this suite of multimedia promo tools should be your secret weapon for selling more product on Amazon—converting product listing page views to sales at a higher rate. In fact, recent studies suggest that you can increase your Amazon sales by up to ten percent just by adding A+ Content to your page. Even better, Amazon makes it super easy to add this feature to your brand’s listings. And, as if that weren’t enough, it’s free.

To learn how to put it use for your brand store, let’s take a look at what A+ Content is and how you can use it to boost your sales on Amazon.


What is A+ Content?

A+ Content is enhanced product detail for your Amazon product pages that can take many forms, including high-quality images, comparison charts, video content and more. In our social media-driven world, consumers have come to expect top-notch visuals and video from every single online experience—including shopping. A+ Content allows you to live up to those expectations by presenting your products in a more memorable and compelling way.

Shoppers find A+ Content “below-the-fold” of an Amazon product page, usually beneath the section titled, “From the Manufacturer.” Here’s an example from one of our clients, the personal care brand Hanz De Fuko:

Hanz De Fuko Amazon A+ Content By Amify
An example of A+ content that explains the benefit of Hanz De Fuko’s top-selling product.

Notice how the clean, colorful design captures attention and directs consumers to key brand and product attributes? This is the power of A+ Content.

Who Can Use A+ Content?

A+ Content is available to any sellers whose brand appears on Amazon’s Brand Registry. (Amazon has made a few exceptions for developing brands who have taken part in some of their managed selling programs.) Once approved, you can add A+ Content to any product in your brand’s catalog.


Where to Start

While A+ Content can benefit all of your products, start by focusing on the items most likely to result in bigger revenue gains—your top-sellers and products with larger margins. You should also prioritize any products you’re currently supporting with marketing dollars. A+ Content can help deliver a better ROI.

An Example of A+ Content | Amify
Focusing on creating A+ content for your top-selling items will lead to a higher conversion rate.

A Choice to be Made

When creating your A+ Content, you can choose the “Self-Service” or the “Amazon Builds for You” approach. With Self-Service, you maintain control over the images, copy and other content. If you choose the other path—which, by the way, is available only to select vendors—you upload content files to Amazon and they take it from there. While this path is certainly convenient, there are limitations when it comes to content customization and control. For these reasons, we strongly recommend the Self-Service path.

The Self-Service Approach Is Best | Amify
The Self-Service option is your greatest ally when it comes to maintaining creative control of your brand.


Some Helpful Tips

As you begin to create A+ Content for your brand, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Make sure content is easy to read and absorb. Less is always more, so stick to simple, intuitive formatting and short, concise copy.
  • Incorporate some of the most searched category keywords in your copy, but don’t embed copy in your images. Amazon doesn’t scan embedded language for their organic SEO keyword ranking.
  • Pair your descriptive text with images. Studies prove that readers grasp messages better when they’re accompanied by relevant images.
  • Be consistent in design and copy. Your A+ Content is an extension of your brand and should adhere to your style and copy guidelines like any other communication.
  • Share consumer comments. If shoppers are praising certain products or features, use your A+ Content to give those accolades some extra attention and punch.

Settle for Nothing Less than an A+

If you’re interested in learning more about A+ Content, the video below is an excellent place to start. And as you dive in, don’t be intimidated by how much time and energy it might take to produce this new content for your brand store! Amify can help your brand to not only create and manage your A+ Content, but also enhance your Amazon presence in other ways. If you’re interested, please give us a shout. We’re confident that you’ll find our insights and client service worthy of high marks.