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How to Get More Reviews on Amazon in 2020 | Amify

How to Get More Reviews on Amazon in 2020

There’s no denying it, Amazon reviews have a significant influence on the products shoppers decide to buy. In fact, research suggests that consumers value them nearly as much as recommendations from trusted friends. It’s no wonder, then, that more positive reviews translate into more sales.

For brands starting out on Amazon Seller Central (or those looking to step up their game), there are a number of ways to help earn more reviews. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider when striving for additional star power.


The More Stars the Better

Consumers don’t just notice the number of stars a product has earned; they also consider how many reviews that “star count” summarizes. Studies indicate that a product with, say, 4 stars reviewed by 300 people will outsell a similar product with 4.5 stars that has just 10 reviews. The internet has made savvy shoppers into all of us, and most people realize that while ten people can be way off, the odds of 300 missing the mark are practically nil. In addition, the more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to rank in Amazon searches.

Importance of Amazon Reviews by Amify
It’s important to focus on increasing your quantity of reviews, as well as, your star rating.


Nothing Beats a Great Experience

If there’s a guaranteed way to earn more positive reviews on Amazon, it’s ensuring that your consumers have a positive brand experience. The two main drivers for negative reviews are disappointment and frustration. Be sure to tailor everything from your product descriptions and delivery times to your customer service and follow-up communications to minimize both.


Ask and You Will (Probably) Receive

A friendly request is sometimes enough to motivate people to post a review who otherwise wouldn’t, so consider including a request for a review in your product packaging. Not only will it help drive reviews, it also indicates that you respect your customers’ opinions—and that you’re confident in your products. Just keep in mind that Amazon’s policies stipulate you can only request an honest review and can’t offer incentives for posting positive ones.

There are also some handy automated email tools for requesting reviews that make it easy for buyers to do so. These tools allow you to set up automatic emails to request a review from your customers. It’s best to send these soon after customers receive your product, when they’re most likely to be willing and motivated to post a review. It also creates a point of contact where you can potentially address any customer concerns before they post a review. At Amify, we help all our clients set up automatic requests for reviews every day.


A Review Request Example | Amify
If a buyer has a good experience with your product, they’ll likely want to let others know by leaving a positive review.


And don’t forget to cast your net beyond Amazon. Your brand’s social media followers are a built-in fan club filled with potential reviewers. You should also consider including an occasional request in your brand’s newsletter or product updates.


Target Top Reviewers

Some reviewers are so prolific and helpful in their commentary that they get badged as a top reviewer. Their stars (or lack thereof) carry extra weight. You’ll find a list of these reviewers on Amazon. By examining top reviewers’ most used tags, you can identify the ones most relevant to your products. Once you know who they are, email to ask if they would be open to reviewing your product. You won’t be the first to make such a request, nor the last. So be pleasant, but also brief and direct.

Amazon Top Reviewers List
Amazon posts a list of their top reviewers. If you find one of these people purchased your product, you should reach out and request a review to drive credibility.


Study Your Stars

The reviews you already have can shed light on how to round up even more. By paying close attention to what consumers are praising or complaining about, you can improve how you present your products on Amazon. If, for instance, issues of product sizing seem to be a sore spot, more content that helps people gauge the right size should reduce further complaints of that nature.


There are many more ways to help earn Amazon reviews, but not every brand has the time to take advantage of them. If you’d like to learn how we can help, give us a shout.