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Weekly Amazon Seller Central News – April 16th-April 22nd

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered daily life as we know it, and Amazon has been continually updating their policies in response to this uncertain time. Here are some more updates directly from the Amazon Seller Central news section this week.

COVID-19: Update on products eligible for shipment creation

“Beginning April 18, 2020, more products are eligible for shipment creation. We continue to focus on ensuring our ability to fulfill the highest priority products that customers need at this time. While a broader set of products can now be sent to our fulfillment centers, we are limiting the quantity you can send for some of these products.

You can see products that are eligible for shipment creation in the Restock Inventory page and the Restock report. Products that are eligible and have quantity limits will be marked with a Limited restock tag.

Please note that Amazon, including our Selling Partner Support team, does not have additional information, and we are currently not accepting requests for higher quantity limits. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our Help page.”

Introduction to receiving notifications on new Product Types and upcoming changes

“Starting April, we are introducing new Product Types and modifying a few existing ones. These Product Types will have product-specific attributes that will help you describe your products better. This change will not immediately affect your existing selection.

Any new attribute, required for a Product Type will first be introduced as “optional” in the new or modified Product Types and later will be made “required” after 60 days. We will be sending out monthly updates on new Product Types and modification of existing ones along with the associated unique attributes that have been added as “optional” or “required” for the given Product Type.

When creating a new selection, you can view these new or modified Product Types in Seller Central by navigating through > Inventory > Add Products via upload and selecting the appropriate template to download.”

How to Find the Latest Amazon Seller Central News

If you have an Amazon Seller Central account, you can view the latest updates on Amazon’s policies by navigating to the top lefthand corner of the homepage and clicking “Read more” on any of the headlines.

And, if you’re looking for guidance in these uncertain times, feel free to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help your brand navigate this unforeseen storm.