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Amazon in 90 Seconds: 3 Considerations When Choosing an Amazon Agency

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, this is James Schwyn, Director of Business Development with Amify.

It is crazy to think that we’re nearly to March, in that Q1 is almost in the rearview mirror.

This is a period of time where we see some of the highest engagement and interest from CPG brands that are looking to make a splash and really put the pedal to the floor on the Amazon channel.

Now there are a spectrum of reasons and rationale and variables that are nuance per brand when deciding who you’re going to go with.

I’m a big fan of alliteration, I like to keep things easy and frankly if you look at it, they all roll up into three segments: credibility, capability, and cost.

While at the surface these feel very objective, I can assure you this decision is not if you are an owner, founder, or you have P&L responsibility, it’s going to come down to:

Who do you trust?

Who do you enjoy collaborating with?

Who do you have confidence and peace of mind knowing that this revenue stream, that this channel, is in the hands in part or in full of an agency?

So this is going to be video 1 of 4.

I want to be unpacking each of the three considerations that I had cited earlier over the next coming weeks so you can really make sure you’re best equipped to make the right decision for your brand at the stage it’s at currently and where you want to go.

I’m looking forward to it and catch you next week.