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Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Program

At the beginning of 2021, Amazon made changes to the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, a system created to permit brands to take ownership of Prime fulfillment. These alterations made partaking in the program difficult, and Amazon made more modifications that were implemented on June 1, 2021. Here is a summary of the changes, how brands will be affected on Amazon, and what brands should consider if they plan on using the program after the changes are made.

Seller Fulfilled Prime Changes

The changes that occurred at the beginning of 2021 dealt with making the SFP Delivery Speed targets less lenient. The changes made on June 1, 2021, make the SFP Delivery Speed targets even more strict:

Seller Fulfilled Prime Changes

Impacts on Brands

Brands often try out the program, but quickly ditch it because of the inability to obey to the strict shipping guidelines. When Amazon customers receive late packages and, brands are the ones who deal with the penalties of not meeting the SFP metrics requirements instead of the shipping partners, which is one of the most common complaints. After these stricter changes are applied, there is an even slimmer chance of brands attempting to utilize the program.

What Brands Should Consider

If your brand is successfully utilizing the program and you plan to continue after June 1, consider the following:-Make sure to remove the SFP fulfillment for all products that you do not expect to meet the requirements of the delivery speed percentages-You may be able to get more shipments out by extending the same-day shipping cut-off-Products are categorized as standard or oversized based on weight and size, so checking to make sure they are accurate for your Amazon products is important.-Sophisticated shipping and fulfillment management software tools could be a good addition when considering which products are fit for SFP.