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Case Study – An Apparel Brand’s Side-By-Side 1P vs. 3P Product P&L

An Apparel Brand Increased Their Amazon Net Revenue by 56%.

At Amify, we work with our clients to make sure they are in the best Amazon-selling model for their brand. We believe that selling directly to your customers via Seller Central and Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) is the best way to sell. This model gives brands more control over their consumer experience, it often leads to increased margins and it provides ownership of your customer data.When helping our clients make the transition from Vendor Central (1P) to Seller Central (3P), we conduct a side-by-side P&L analysis of the top-selling products for their brand.Here are the side-by-side P&Ls for the top-selling product of an apparel brand. They took their net revenue per unit from $30.19 to $47.76 by moving from Amazon Seller Central (1P) to Vendor Central (3P), an increase of 56%!

Amify Amazon 1P P&L
Amify Amazon 3P P&L

Want to see what the Amazon 1P vs. 3P P&L would look like for your business?

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