Employee Spotlight: Alana Clark

Alana will be a senior at Virginia Tech this upcoming school year. Being a native of the Washington D.C area, she decided to spend her Summer as Amify’s Marketing Intern in Alexandria, VA. In this position she not only took charge of the Amify social media accounts, but she was also exposed to the Business Development aspect of the company and learned to deal with potential brand partners.

She came across Amify while conducting work for The Virginia Tech Marketing Department and immediately applied. She said, “I thought, how amazing it would be to work for a company that has so much control on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon is huge and being a part of a company that has even a small part of that would be incredible”. Since her first day at Amify she said her interest in e-Commerce has continued to grow.

When asked what her favorite part of interning here was, she said, “Everything. I really don’t think it’s possible to narrow it down when you’re a part of a company like this. The people, the environment, the work ethic, and the job itself is truly extraordinary”.

In the future, Alana aspires to be as happy and successful as she can! Her dream job is to one day become Vice President of Marketing at a company that she loves.

Best of luck with senior year at VT, Alana, and thank you for being a part of our team this Summer!


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