Employee Spotlight: Bill Paige

Bill grew up in Bloomington, Indiana with his older brother, mom, and dad. In 2009 his father got a job working for the Navy and moved to Northern Virginia, and a year later the rest of the family followed him down from Mentor, Ohio. It was later that year that Bill chose to attend Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. After his time at ODU came to an end, he worked at a couple different places before he found Amify.

He struggled with some hardships at his previous job but always admired how much his roommate, who worked for Amify, was in love with his. He told his roommate to keep him in mind if there was ever an opening, and Bill’s wishing worked. He sent in his resume and his cover letter and wished for the best. A few weeks later was his first day, March 7, 2016. Which also happened to be his birthday! Bill said, “That was my birthday gift to myself and from Amify, the best gift I’ve ever gotten”.

Bill’s journey at Amify began with him as a logistics associate in the warehouse. He worked on day to day operations, sorting shipments and getting packages ready to send off to the Amazon warehouses. Slowly as time went on Bill got promoted to his position today as Warehouse Manager.

The job of his dreams is to become a comic book writer but until then he spends his days at Amify singing as he walks through the office and warehouse and holding the title of “Amify Karaoke King”. He said, “I feel like it’s a good way of expressing myself. I feel like everyone really wants to but not everyone is as outgoing as me. Plus, I do it to make everyone smile. I feel like someone in the workplace needs to be that person who walks around making people smile”.


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