Employee Spotlight: Hannah Mooy

Hannah Mooy had a colorful childhood in Annapolis, Maryland with her family. After graduating from high school, she was unsure of what path she wanted to take. So, she decided to attend a local community college until she figured it out. A year later, she applied to Parsons School of Design, this was the only school she applied to knew because she said, “It was Parsons or it wasn’t happening”. She was accepted and made her way to New York City. While there, she studied photography, when asked why she chose that as her major she answered, “It’s kinda funny because I knew that I wasn’t going to be a photographer. What I did know is that I wanted to a be a creative director one day, just like my dad. He’s a creative director and my mom has a degree in fashion so I’ve grown up around art my whole life”.

After graduating from Parsons, she held many different jobs. But, just a couple months ago she came across an opening at Amify. Hannah was very intrigued with our company mission and the industry that we are in. “I think Amazon is the future”, Hannah said. She mentioned that she hardly ever buys anything in stores but makes most of her purchases from Amazon.com. When she looked more into Amify, she saw the work they did with Enhanced Brand Content and remembered that she had previously worked with EBC at one of her earlier jobs. She loved the idea of knowing exactly what she would be engaging with. She said, “I love creating images and working close to marketing. I feel like it’s one step closer to having my dream job and following in my dad’s footsteps”.

Her favorite part of working at Amify is the people. After only being here for two months she says she has made so many close friendships and loves what she’s doing. Growing up, she promised herself that she would never have a job unless it was something she absolutely loved, and she’s found that here, at Amify! Hannah said, “I think the work environment is what every company needs. It’s very open and everyone seems to genuinely care and want to help one another learn more about the industry and more about Amify. There is such a mutual respect between all of our employees and even with our Summer interns, I LOVE it”.


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