Employee Spotlight: Josiah Sable

Josiah is new to the Ami-family, with his first day being only a week ago on June 18th. He is settling in and learning the ways of the Amify work world.

He was born in California but grew up in Boone, North Carolina. After high school, he attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington so that he could stay close to home. While in school he worked as a chef and continued after graduation at multiple restaurant establishments. After a couple years he decided he was looking for a different scene than living in a college town, so he packed up his things and moved to Virginia, where his brother and some of his college friends were living.

Life in Virginia was almost exactly what he was looking for but the job he was working at, was not. Although he was within the industry where he wanted to be, the job was not making him happy. He was on LinkedIn one day and saw an advertisement for Amify, he went to our website and saw an opening for a position that he had experience in. There were multiple things on our page that drew him in including our benefits, our partner brands, and the physical work that we were involved with. He began to email our CEO and Corporate Recruiter multiple times per week, he knew he needed to get this job. After he got an interview with us, he was excited about the possibilities for his future! He said “It was the culture and the work that I saw Amify doing that drew me in. Doing what you love is great, but doing what you love in an environment that you love, is even better”.

Following his interview at Amify, he resigned from his previous job with high hopes of becoming an Amify employee. Today, he is happily working with us as our Amazon Project Manager. Josiah’s favorite part of working here is the relaxed and laid-back environment and the way he is given free range to work on the things he needs to.

When asked what his dream job is, he said, “This is pretty close, just based on the company culture but I would really love to have my own business one day. A small hole in the wall bar by the beach, I think that would be really awesome”. Until then, he will continue to work with us and take a dip back into his chef days by cooking on the weekends.


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