Employee Spotlight: Kevin Sheehan

Kevin will be incoming Junior at Wake Forest University in the Fall. He is majoring in finance with a minor in Spanish. This summer he became a part of the Amify team and holds the title of Inventory Intern. In this position, he gets to collaborate with the Amify Account Managers to minimize overstock and track the best performance SKU’s for the company.

One day, while expanding his network on LinkedIn, he came across an advertisement for Amify. It immediately caught his attention and he clicked on the company page. When asked why he was interested in our company he said, “I think Amazon is fascinating and being able to work in the same industry seemed perfect for me. Also, when I talked to Paige (Amify’s Corporate Recruiter) it seemed like a really productive but laid-back work environment”.

His favorite part of working here is the atmosphere of the office and the location in Old Town, Alexandria. Kevin grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and said “Old Town reminds me of Annapolis so it just makes working here that much better. I feel like I’m at home, plus we’re right on the Potomac River!”.

In his future, Kevin dreams to work in Asset Management as a Portfolio Manager and invest institutional money for a company. “Hopefully somewhere in D.C”, he said. Until then Kevin will continue his time at Amify and at the end of the Summer, head back to Wake Forest.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, Kevin, and thanks for being a part of our team this Summer!


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