Employee Spotlight: Martin Vuong

Martin is Amify’s Junior Software Engineer and began working with the company in July of 2016.

His childhood was very unique and he had the experience of growing up in the Czech Republic, living in Prague for 13 years. Just before starting high school, he packed up and moved to America, settling down in Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating he continued his education at Suffolk University and it wasn’t until he found Amify that he came to Virginia.

Martin knew that college was coming to an end and he needed to start looking for a job. He applied to a few places on LinkedIn, but after seeing the open position at Amify, he fell in love and knew he needed this job. Martin said what really drove his attention to Amify was the youth of the company and the life that it had and continues to have. The things and the work that the company was involved with really caught Martin’s eye, he said, “I loved the idea of being part of this company that had so much opportunity for growth and structure”. He has also always been a big fan of the eCommerce industry.

Martin has a dream of becoming a senior business analyst in the future. Until then, he will continue to spend his time at Amify holding the record of longest losing streak in Amify tennis history. Tennis is a reoccurring game that is played after work during the week, and Martin is almost always on the losing side, although he keeps playing and he owns it. His favorite Amify memory was when the office surprised him on his birthday with a celebration and cake. He said “My favorite thing about being a part of this company is the people. Everyone is so different in their own way, but somehow we still come together to do extraordinary work and we do it as a family”.


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