Employee Spotlight: Paul Ciavarro

Paul is approaching his junior year at Radford University, majoring in Business Marketing. This Summer he is spending his time working in our Alexandria, VA warehouse, as Amify’s Warehouse Intern. When asked how he found this internship, he chuckled. “My dad actually works for Fender, one of Amify’s brand partners, and told me I should work at Amify”. Paul mentioned that he was on the phone one day with his dad in late April when he brought up his search for a Summer Internship. His dad jumped at the idea of having Paul work with Amify. So, Paul reached out to Paige, Amify’s corporate recruiter interviewed. He began work at Amify just one week after returning home from school on May 14thand has been loving it ever since.

When Paul was asked what his favorite part of working here is he said, “The comradery. It’s pretty much like being with family all the time. We eat lunch together and the company really has a company event once a month so that everyone can experience each other outside of the workplace. I think it really helps everyone work well together and embrace being here. We also all have such a fun and close relationship, it’s great.” Paul also mentioned that his favorite memory at Amify was walking in on the first day and seeing Bill, our Warehouse Manager, “Wearing the dorkiest softball outfit and I was like, cool, I’m gonna love it here.”

After college, Paul wants to go into sales. “I’m not really sure what I want to do, I haven’t thought about it yet, but I know right after I graduate, I want to get my feet wet and dive right into business.” Thanks for spending the Summer with us and best of luck in the future, Paul!


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