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Five New Ways to Attract Customers on Amazon

We love stories. We crave stories. Stories have the power to create connections in ways that data and facts don’t. A well told story builds affinity and sales, and that story should mold all of your customers’ touchpoints. Here are five ways to make a compelling story that engages customers with your brand:

Make Every Word Count

Clear. Concise. Optimized. Your store should reflect your brand story. If your story’s ethos is rooted in mountain climbing it should look and sound different than one that is rooted in scientific research.

Choose images that do more than Look Good

Your images, just like your words, should reinforce your story. Everything from subject matter to lighting should all be influenced by your brand story.

Tap into the Power of Video

Videos can pack quite the punch when trying to tell a story. Lean on the power of video to engage your audience. Be critical in your analysis of video firms, video WILL be a vital piece of your story.

Test the Clarity and Impact of Your Story

Host focus groups with your brand name and key identifiers stripped out. Ask the participants about their impressions and take aways, then adjust to their feedback.

Make Sure Your Navigation Is Rooted in Consumer Insight

While having a compelling story is important, it all means nothing if your customer can not easily navigate and buy your products. We recommend setting up navigation by need or “job-to-be-done.”If you found this guide helpful and want to read more, you can read the full article here. If you are looking to go a step further, and really want to stand out from the competition, you can reach out here.

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