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Getting Started on Amazon? Here are a Few Important Tips from Amify Amazon Experts.

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon reigns supreme. About 55% of consumers begin their online shopping experience on and third-party sellers make up 82% of Amazon’s sales.   Amazon has a great reputation with a large customer base and is an important asset to any retail company. At Amify, we know the importance of Amazon and are here to help you every step of the way. We are Amazon Experts that will help you reach your fullest potential. For those just starting out on Amazon, here are a things we suggest:

 Set your MAP (Manufactured Advertised Price): 

Not surprisingly, a lot of people are having their products sold on Amazon for less than they bargained for. For our partners, Amify ensures that your products are being sold at the price you want them to be sold, no exceptions. This is important to make sure your brand relationships are maintained and your brand value is never


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

The more specific and accurately you display your products on Amazon, the better chance you have at attracting customers. Within the Amazon algorithm, good SEO can dramatically increase your sales velocity and help you win the buy box. Amify utilizes SEO through keyword research and indexing to maximize your listings’ potential.  

 Feedback Review: 

Products with positive reviews sell better on Amazon. At Amify, we use a system called Feedback Five, it works to increase the number of reviews on each of the products that we control sales on. Once a customer purchases a specific product, we reach out to them via email and send them the link to write a review. Making it easy and efficient for the consumer to leave a review and build our feedback score. For new Amazon sellers, we encourage a similar approach – customer feedback can never be ignored!  

Inventory Management: 

Know what sells, when it sells, and how much you need to purchase to keep those sales up. All of these decisions, and more, go into inventory management. For Amify, that means a dedicated account manager for every account who monitors and proactively manages. But for those just starting out, be sure to follow your metrics and stick to a plan to ensure your products are moving and you’re not hurt by overstock.  Having an Amazon presence is essential for the modern retail company. And while it can be a huge undertaking, using the right tools and tips can ensure success. To grab more tips from our expert team and discuss optimizing your Amazon strategy, be sure to reach out.