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How to Gain Control of Your Brand on Amazon

 Does it ever feel like it’s hard to keep up with everything happening on Amazon? Whether it’s controlling how you sell, who is selling, or the wave of counterfeit products—it can be easy to lose control of your brand. There are proven ways to take back your brand.  

Create a proactive strategy to handle the Amazon “Purge.”

Many brands selling to Amazon on Vendor Central (1P sellers) are at risk of or have already stopped getting PO’s from Amazon in the widely publicized “Purge”. Rather than waiting for that to happen, now is the time to build a Seller Central (3P seller) strategy proactively. A proper transition from Vendor to Seller requires careful planning and cannot be achieved overnight. This planning will not only mitigate the “Purge” threat, but ultimately, the Seller Central marketplace is where you can regain full control of your brand presentation and pricing—improving your customers’ experience and increasing your profitability.

Take control of your brand to alleviate customer fears about counterfeit products.

With a surge of counterfeit products, brands must be vigilant and protect the shopper’s experience on the marketplace. A staggering 48% of consumers are concerned with buying counterfeit products on Amazon—its essential that your customers feel confident that they are purchasing genuine products from your brands. You can do this by selling directly from your brand on Seller Central ( 3P seller) and take aggressive action to remove unauthorized sellers from the platform.  

Develop a wholesale dealer agreement to address unauthorized sellers and product pricing.

A big problem brands deal with is a proliferation of unauthorized sellers and MAP violations (pricing violations). All brands should have a wholesale dealer agreement in place with explicit language about their Amazon resale and pricing policies. With this agreement in place, you can begin removing unauthorized sellers from Amazon and take control of your pricing strategy.   Whether your biggest concern is the impending Amazon Purge, counterfeit product, rogue sellers, or unauthorized pricing – you are not alone.  Let’s talk about how Amify can help you navigate the solutions to these problems and take the daily heavy lifting off of your internal team. Sign up for a free Amazon Assessment, and we can talk with you or a coworker in Vegas!