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MAP Enforcement: What You Need to Know

Much of the appeal of shopping on Amazon comes in the tremendous assortment of products offered on the marketplace. As of July 2018, Amazon US alone houses 606 million different products. While impressive, this enormous assortment creates problems with price disparity. Too many sellers selling too many products often creates competitive price adjustments. Companies can try to combat this by setting a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for their products, but Amazon will not enforce. Lower priced products will begin to sell more, forcing sellers to compete for the lowest price. This can negatively affect a customer’s perception of the brand and hurt relationships with brick and mortar stores who cannot compete with below MAP prices.  Amify’s primary focus is to:

  •   Report on MAP violations
  •   Enforce MAP and restrict sellers who violate MAP
  •   Prohibit unauthorized sellers

Selling on Amazon opens a world of opportunity but involves lots of proactive management of pricing strategy. Amify works with its brand partners to develop a pricing strategy and keep sales channels controlled. For more information on how Amify’s Protection services can help you, please reach out via the form below.  

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