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New Amazon Brand Pages

The Importance of an Amazon Store

Amazon Stores are designed to translate your brand aesthetic and replicate your other sales channels, in a functional and organized Amazon microsite. Amazon Stores greatly improve your customer’s shopping experience and can allow for an impressive increase in sales. Previously, brands WITHOUT an Amazon Store would find their brand page to be nothing more than a mishmash of products without any organization or branding:

Recently, a feature has appeared on Amazon granting brands a semblance of a Store but with many things to be desired.  The new feature, which seems to have rolled out as an A/B beta test, navigates users to a brand landing page with minor organizational improvements. The new brand page is more visually appealing than previous iterations, but has one glaring change – a top banner that encourages visitors to visit the pages of similar brands. After a visitors selects one of your products and navigates to view all of the items you carry, not only will they see your brand’s lack of design and failure to capitalize on Amazon’s marketing features, but they will also see a collection of brands similar to yours that is comfortably placed below your brand name and before your product mix. Your potential customer will now see brands that you are in direct competition with before they even get the chance the see your offerings:

When companies sign up for Brand Registry, they are able to take back the reins and regain control of representing their brand properly. Brand Registry gives you the ability to enforce sellers and build a custom Store on Amazon. In doing so, you can showcase your brand’s message and products in a lustrous yet defined fashion; giving customers a more satisfying experience.  At Amify, we encourage brands to take advantage of Brand Registry and all its facets, in order to accurately represent themselves on Amazon and drive sales. Don’t risk losing a customer because of a non-optimized Amazon presence. Tell your brand’s story the way it is meant to be told, and don’t lose your spotlight to industry adversaries.   

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