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WEBINAR RECORDING: Step Change Your Amazon Ad Strategy with the Defend, Capture, Conquest, and Scale Model

Many Brands and agencies focus on 1-2 metrics like ACOS that don’t deliver a holistic ad growth strategy for your Brand. For example, if you make your KPI the lowest ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale), you could bias your investment to only Branded terms. It will give you a good ACOS, but won’t help you acquire new to brand consumers.This webinar will cover our Defend, Capture, Conquest, and Scale philosophy on Amazon advertising. We believe each bucket should have its own objective and KPI.You’ll walk away with a more strategic and holistic way to think about your Brand’s Amazon advertising strategy.

What you’ll learn:

1. The importance of a multipronged Amazon ad strategy – Defend, Capture, Conquest, and Scale.

2. The KPIs you should use to define success for each strategic bucket. For example, Branded terms will have a higher ROAS than Category terms (and that’s ok!)

3. How you should view Brand defense and share of voice sufficiency.

4. How to acquire “new to brand consumers” efficiently.

5. Why you should budget some ad spend for learning experiments.You’ll walk away with the framework and tools to up your Amazon advertising game!We’ll also save time to answer your brand-specific Q&As.


Libby Stults – Senior Media Manager at Amify – Former Marketing Manager at Beekeeper Marketing.
Sean Lee – CMO at Amify – Former P&G brand manager, founder of Zevo Insect, and former personal care industry eCommerce executive
Nate Ellis – VP, Strategy & Advertising at Amify – Former eCommerce and marketing leader at Homage and O2 Sports Drinks.