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WEBINAR RECORDING: What is Amazon multi channel fulfillment (or Amazon MCF) and why use it?

Why should your Brand consider Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment?

If you sell on Amazon and your own DTC site, do you ever get frustrated managing logistics and inventory on two separate platforms?Do you feel like the management fees the 3PL charges you and the shipping fees UPS/FEDEX charge you eat into your margin (and your customer experience)?What if we told you that you could run all your inventory through Amazon to reduce complexity, improve shipping times, and likely save money.We’ll cover an overview of Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment and how it could help your brand on Amazon.

What you’ll learn about Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment:

1. The basics of Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

2. Why it can be an important option for your business.

3. What it costs and how it can (likely) help you save money and reduce complexity.

4. Basics of setting Amazon MCF up on common platforms like Shopify.

You’ll walk away with the knowledge to determine if Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment is right for your business.We’ll also save time to answer your brand-specific Q&As.Presenters:Dan Hasselbauer – Director of Strategy – Former retail and eCommerce channel buyer/manager.Sean Lee – VP of Marketing at Amify – Former P&G brand manager, founder of Zevo Insect, and former personal care industry eCommerce executive.