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Take Control By Switching From 1P to 3P

We help brands navigate the switch from 1P to 3P to increase profit margins, control brand experience and take ownership of their data.

We Believe Selling Directly to Your Customers is the Best Way to Sell on Amazon

It’s time to stop worrying about Amazon’s pricing algorithm, channel conflicts, and the lack of control you have on Vendor Central.

The only way to take full control of your brand experience on Amazon is to sell directly on Seller Central and use Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). This option makes the Amazon channel similar to a Brand’s DTC website. The result is increased margins, control over pricing and access to your data.


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Why Do Our Clients Move Amazon 1P to 3P?

Increased Profit Margins

Remove the middle-man (Amazon or re-sellers) and capture the full margin on your products.

Control Over Brand Experience

Control your pricing, who sells your products, and own your content experience.

Customer Data Ownership

Use customer data to create insights and look-a-like audiences. You can access customer data (name & address) only on Amazon 3P.

Case Study – 1P vs. 3P P&L

See the side-by-side P&Ls for the top-selling product of an apparel brand who increased their net revenue by 56% by switching from 1P to 3P.

Amify 1P Vs. 3P Case Study

What Does a Transition Plan Look Like?

Amify Partnership Step One

Amify will prepare a Seller Central account to list and sell your products.

Amify Partnership Step Two

Amify will create and execute a seamless transition plan to phase out the shipment of 1P POs and begin fulfillment through the seller account.

Amify Partnership Step Three

Amify will provide complete protection, content, advertising & operational support for your new seller account. We are your outsourced Amazon team.

Let’s chat about amplifying, optimizing, and maximizing your Amazon sales.

We’ll connect you with one of our brand strategy partners to see how we can help you grow sales and profitability on Amazon.