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Protect Your Brand on Amazon

Take Control Of Your Brand & Protect Its Integrity.

MAP violations and the proliferation of unauthorized sellers can be a significant headache. This proliferation often results in lost sales, lower profit margins, and a bad consumer experience.

We help brands take control by putting a comprehensive brand protection plan in place that we monitor and enforce for you. 


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Amify's Brand Protection Services

Amify's Brand Protection Services


As a complete Amazon partner, we provide the following brand protection services for all our clients:

  • Seller Central Account Setup
  • Listing Setup & Monitoring
  • Unauthorized Seller Removal
  • Dealer Wholesale Agreement Policy Development
  • MAP Monitoring & Enforcement
  • Amazon Case Management
  • Amazon Customer Service

Case Study – Amify Reduced MAP Violations by 99% & Removed 30 Sellers in 12 Months

We helped a beauty brand reduce MAP violations by 99% and unauthorized sellers by 81% in 12 months. This resulted in an average monthly sales increase of $30K to $180K.

Amify - Stop MAP Violations and Remove Unauthorized Sellers


Unauthorized Sellers Removed



Reduction in MAP Violations



Buy Box Win-Rate



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How We Help You Take Control

Set A Clear Channel & Price Strategy

We’ll help you define your Amazon sales channel strategy. Whether you are selling on 1P or 3P, we’ll work with you to create a strategy around pricing (ideal MSRP on Amazon), merchandising mix, and distribution (who can and cannot sell your product on Amazon).

Set A Wholesale Dealer Agreement

We can help you put a wholesale dealer agreement in place with explicit language about your Amazon re-sell policy and your pricing policies. Then we’ll continuously monitor and enforce your policies.

Monitor & Enforce MAP and Unauthorized Sellers

Your Client Success Team will continuously monitor MAP violations and unauthorized sellers. We’ll help you track down and remove them so that you can win the buy-box for your own brand and keep pricing integrity across channels.


Let’s chat about amplifying, optimizing, and maximizing your Amazon sales.

We’ll connect you with one of our brand strategy partners to see how we can help you grow sales and profitability on Amazon.