Why Amify

Amazon is #1

Amazon continues to lead the industry, eating up the market in the retail world, and it isn’t slowing down. In the categories that Amazon serves, its market share continues to grow while brick-and-mortar retail sales are on the decline.

Did you know?

That’s Where We Come In

And yeah. We’re still sure we can help.

Sell directly to Amazon?…

but even Amazon is guilty of MAP violations

Sell on Amazon yourself?…

but do you know what you need to know to maximize your profits?

Already have partners?…

but what value are they adding

Only sell to brick and mortar stores?…

do they have expertise in eCommerce, specifically Amazon like Amify does?

Why Amify?

The responsible way to sell on Amazon, with a specialized suite of services.

Superior Brand Protection
Proven Sales Acceleration
Brand Enhancement & Optimization
MAP & Unauthorized Seller Protection

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