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Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Amazon’s New Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Research shows that more than half of consumers prefer eco-friendly brands when shopping. Amazon has taken note of these preferences and created the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge to help companies demonstrate that they value sustainability, thus boosting conversions.

Here we will cover more details on the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge, along with how you can apply and how to qualify.

What is the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge?

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge is a green initiative that’s a part of Amazon’s larger strategy to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. Through this program, Amazon allows consumers to easily locate eco-friendly products on the site. The Climate Pledge Friendly Badge is clearly listed below the product title and rating stars. Customers can click on the label to see exactly which certifications the product has. Note that Amazon only gives the badge to products (and not brands), so you may still qualify for the badge on some of your products even if others may not.

Benefits of the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Products with the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge are placing high in the search ranks. For many products, the Amazon SERP for page one of search results is now as follows:

Row 1: Product ads

Row 2: Top 4 organic ranking products

Row 3: Video ads

Row 4: Climate Pledge Friendly products

Row 5: Editorial recommendations

Row 6: More organic ranking products

This is why we recommend you get your products into this program as early as possible. Not only does being certified Climate Friendly create an edge over the competition as you’ll be seen as the greener option, but it’s clear Amazon will continue to prioritize and favor eco-friendly products.

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge Qualification

To qualify, your product must have one or more of these certifications (specific to products, not brands):

  1. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient
  2. Fairtrade International
  3. Carbon Free Certified
  4. Cradle to Cradle Certified
  5. EPEAT
  6. Green Seal
  7. Bluesign
  8. Reducing CO2
  9. Global Recycled Standard
  10. Rainforest Alliance
  12. Forest Stewardship Council
  13. Responsible Wool Standard
  14. Organic Content Standard 100
  15. Global Organic Textile Standard
  16. Recycled Claim Standard 100
  17. Recycled Claim Standard Blended
  18. Made in Green by Oeko-Tex
  19. Amazon’s Compact by Design

Some certifications are specific to industries while others require greater use of recycled materials in products and packaging. Some certifying bodies, such as Made in Green by Oeko-Tex, test for harmful substances and examine if workplaces are reducing environmental impacts. Research what you could qualify for and take steps to get that certification!

Amazon has more than 300 million customer accounts worldwide. Considering that nearly 70% of those shoppers prefer eco-friendly products, proving that your brand values sustainability can help win them over. One of the best ways to do that is by getting an Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge. To learn more about the program or how to qualify, check out our blog “All About the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Badge”.