Case Studies

How a natural skin care brand overcame out of stock challenges and improved shipment times

A premium brand partner with Amify offers natural skin care products made with hive-based ingredients including honey, propolis and melexylem. In Sept. 2021, they switched from 1P to 3P, direct-to-consumer, sales. This led to logistical delays and inventory shortages, and as a result, they could not increase inventory limits on Amazon. Sales and reviews were suffering because of the slow fulfillment and out-of-stock listings. Amify worked with them to fix these problems before the crucial holiday season.


Stock Limits


FBA In-Stock Rate

Unlocking Amazon Growth for an Established Direct-to-Consumer Brand

A premium skin care brand with a direct-to-consumer focus and distribution in high-end retail channels like Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta was trying to unlock growth on Amazon. Prior to our partnership, the brand struggled to pinpoint how channel conflict was leading to significant loss from unauthorized sellers, as well as how to maximize category opportunity on Amazon from creative, advertising and merchandising standpoints.


Year on Year Revenue Growth


Branded Search Volume

Protecting a Brand and Capturing a Market from Unauthorized Sellers

Hanz de Fuko is a premium hair care and styling brand with a direct-to-consumer focus as well as distribution in high-end salons and select retail channels. Prior to partnering with Amify, the Amazon channel was controlled by unauthorized sellers who were damaging the brand through poor representation, low content standards and erratic pricing. Hanz de Fuko partnered with Amify to take control of the channel, optimize their presence and unlock growth.


Buy Box Captured


Run Rate Growth

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