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Amazon Adds Mobile Data to ASC Reports

Amazon Seller Central is a great resource for getting high-level overviews of your business’ performance and inventory status, but if you’ve used these reports before you may have noticed the absence of mobile app page and session data. No data was included about which device consumers were using to view your listings, and also mobile page views were not included in your session views. Since 03/21/21, Amazon has been tracking mobile/app data and it is now included in ASC Business Reports which were previously browser-only. In addition, breakdown on how users are viewing your page has also become available in ASC. This is a huge improvement in the information available to data-driven sellers

How Does This Help My Business?

Mobile metrics are a crucial part of any holistic snapshot of a business’ performance. This data can be extracted from ASC by category or by individual ASIN allowing brands to gain a greater understanding of a product or line’s app vs. browser performance. By accessing this mobile data from the past year, businesses can identify trends in traffic by device type, along with other filtering options and categories. 

How Can I Optimize Amazon Listings for Mobile?

Knowing whether shoppers are predominantly viewing on mobile or desktop devices can inform creative decisions. For example you may wish to optimize your brand store for mobile rather than desktop viewers. Since mobile devices have smaller screens, the way the content displays will be different. Are mobile shoppers seeing your store as you’d like them to? On your listings, remember that A+ content shows first on mobile. Is your listing still telling a compelling story when read in that order? Are your images readable when viewed on a smaller screen? Ensuring that your content was mobile-friendly has always been important, only now we can tell exactly which percentage of your shoppers see your content in that way.

How Can I Find Mobile Versus Desktop Data in ASC?

  1. Navigate to the Reports > Business Reports section of Amazon Seller Central.
Business Reports section of Amazon Seller Central.

  1. Under Business Reports on the left hand side, choose Detail Page Sales and Traffic under “By Date” or “By ASIN” to access the data, which now includes both browser and mobile metrics. 
Detail Page Sales and Traffic
  1. Either view the data in your browser, or check the box to download as a spreadsheet.
Business reports spreadsheet

If you need help navigating your business’ data on Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, let’s talk! Our team of Amazon experts is ready to partner with you on your Amazon sales journey.