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Optimizing Your Amazon Presence for Mobile

WEBINAR RECORDING: Optimizing Your Amazon Presence for Mobile

Optimizing Your Amazon Presence for Mobile

Our internal data across all our clients show that 70%+ of Amazon purchases are occurring on mobile. Is your brand optimized for the mobile shopper on Amazon?

Join our webinar to learn content best practices to stop, hold, and close your Amazon shoppers on mobile.



In this webinar, we will cover:

1. Differences between the mobile and desktop experiences

2. How optimizing for mobile on Amazon is different than your DTC

3. Do’s and Don’ts for mobile optimization

4. Small tweaks you can make to make a big difference

5. Best practices for keeping the mobile user in mind



Ally Manet – Associate Content Director – Former copywriter and at Omnicom, a global creative agency. Ally has helped our clients increase page conversions by 20-40%!

Sean Lee – Chief Marketing Officer at Amify – Former P&G brand manager, founder of Zevo Insect, and former personal care industry eCommerce executive.

Joe Werhman – Art Director- Former designer building growth stage brands.