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Amazon Honeymoon Period Tactics for Reviews & Product Listing Pages

Since your new product or brand on Amazon will only be able to take advantage of the honeymoon period for a certain amount of time (typically 90 days), you must create a plan that helps you launch successfully. Making slight changes to your product listing page and securing early reviews are a couple of tactics that will help you conquer the honeymoon period.Here is an overview of the mentioned tactics:1) Amazon Vine:  This program sends free product to “professional” Amazon reviewers in a program that Amazon manages. The reviewers are not people who are naturally seeking out the product.Cost: Only the cost of sending free productWhat you need: -Brand Registry-FBA Inventory-Fewer than 30 reviewsWhat you get:-60-90% review rate-Up to 30 reviews (or less depending on how many you’re willing to give away)-Can be overzealous reviews (good and bad – think like movie critics!)Timing: Reviews begin appearing two weeks after submission

3) Thumbnails: Best practices should be applied to your thumbnails when you launch to give your brand the best chance to convert shoppers.-5-7 images + 2 videos per ASIN-Lifestyle/Use images-Graphic Overlays-On brand

4) Bullet Description Copy: The leftmost words are essential for those people that scan-Ensure copy is SEO optimized for top searched keywords and consumer-friendly -Create attention-grabbing headings for each bullet-Consider the order and priority of bullet points-Use tools like Helium10 and Jungle Scout to understand what organic keywords you should include.

5) A+ Content: This is for people wanting more info before purchase and it’s especially critical for new products and brands.-Sign up for Brand Registry to access A+ Content and Brand Stores-Be attention-getting, with Brand colors, imagery, and equity assets-Show images of features, benefits, and product usage-Share your brand story

To learn more about what the honeymoon period is and how you can take advantage of it when launching new products, check out our webinar “How to Harness the Power of the Amazon “Honeymoon” Period for New Product Launches”.