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Amazon Is Increasing The Priority of Brand Storefronts. Here’s What it Means.

Amazon Brand Storefronts just got elevated in a big way!

Last week, Amazon made changes to the way the link to the brand store page appears on a product page. They added the terminology “Visit the [ABC] store” as a hyperlink. The old link just had the name of the brand and didn’t give the shopper an indication that the link would take them to the brand’s Storefront. It also appears this change is still not visible for all brands. If you want to learn more about Amazon Storefronts, visit our prior post.

Amazon Brand Storefront Changes


Amazon is being more upfront with shoppers that the blue hyperlink leads to the brand’s Storefront. We believe this is more clear and looks better than it used to, which should lead to more traffic to the Storefront. A fun fact is that this change was trialed on Amazon Germany earlier this year, and results have been positive. We’ve heard reports that Brand Storefront traffic doubled for some brands after the change. That means there is a better chance for new-to-brand consumers to experience and try your brand on Amazon.


We love that Amazon is prioritizing more traffic to brand Storefronts because the brand gets access to analytics from these pages, including data on the traffic source and consumer conversion rates. We also believe that Storefronts provide an opportunity for Brands to treat the Amazon channel like their own DTC website. This change allows brands to help consumers discover new products through a wider assortment, understand brand differentiators, and educate consumers on the features and benefits of their brand. If you lead a brand that sells on Amazon, you should be putting a strategy in place to make sure you have a high performing brand Storefront that will encourage new-to-brand trial and enhance conversion rates. We can’t wait to see what the results are of the increased traffic for brands. Need help with your brand Storefront? We’d love to talk.