A Guide to Amazon Brand Metrics

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A Guide to Amazon Brand Metrics

Amazon recently launched its new Brand Metrics beta, a treasure trove of consumer information that lets brands track and compare performance throughout the customer journey from brand awareness to purchase.Brand Metrics offers data that brands have never had access to before, across all Amazon activity, not just ad-attributed events. This gives your brand a much more holistic view of how shoppers are engaging with your entire category and your brand more specifically on Amazon. Importantly, it allows you to see how your brand is stacking up against the median brand in your category as well as the top 5% of brands.For more information on how you can unleash this data to optimize and grow your business, reach out and learn how we can partner on enhancing your brand.

How do I find my Amazon Brand Metrics data?

Brand Metrics beta is located on the left of your advertising console. From ASC select “Campaign Manager” under “Advertising”. The Brand Metrics icon will be on the left-hand menu.

How do I find my Amazon Brand Metrics data?

What data is included in Amazon Brand Metrics?

The data included in this feature offers a more complete picture of the customer journey on Amazon than brands have ever had access to up until now. Some information you can access includes:

  • % of New-to-Brand Customers: Shoppers engaging with your brand for the first time
  • Add to Cart: Customers who added your product, whether or not they made a purchase
  • Brand Customers: Customers who have purchased from your brand in the past and may again
  • Brand Searches and Detail Page Views: Shoppers who search from your brand and visit a product detail page
  • Brand Searches only: Shoppers who search for your brand and don’t engage further
  • Customer Conversion Rate: The percentage of customers who moved from consideration of your brand to purchase
  • Purchased : Shoppers who take the final step and purchase your product
  • Return on Engagement: The value to your brand based on a shopper’s engagement over the past 12 months
  • Shopper Engagement Rate: the percentage of total shoppers in your category that your brand has driven an engagement or purchase from
  • Top 10% and Subscribe and Save: The customers that are the top 10% of sales contributors, or how chosen Subscribe and Save
What data is included in Amazon Brand Metrics?

How can I use Amazon Brand Metrics to benchmark against competitors?

Perhaps where Brand Metrics really offers most value, is in the ability to benchmark your brand against others in the category, either against the median or against the key funnel metrics of the top 5% of sellers in your categories. Clicking on a category name in the table will show you where you rank as a percentile in three key areas: Awareness: Shows how many shoppers are searching for your brand vs the median and top sellers in the category and how this is trendingConsideration: Offers benchmarking on how well your brand is engaging, and how your return on engagement compares to others in your category Purchased: Tells how your brand compares at converting awareness and engagement to sales

How can I use Amazon Brand Metrics to benchmark against competitors?

How can I use Amazon Brand Metrics to grow my business?

This newly available data opens the door to maximize efficiencies in your advertising. The full-funnel data from throughout the customer journey allows you to smartly target ad spend, while also being more aware of expansion opportunities. And knowing how your brand compares to the top 5% of your category, as well as the median, gives you more ways to evaluate your current strategy, budgeting and performance than you’ve ever had before.If you’re interested in engaging more shoppers in your category and boosting conversions, let’s talk! You can reach out here

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