Amazon in 90 Seconds: How to Assess Amazon Creative

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Amazon in 90 Seconds: How to Assess Amazon Creative

Video Transcript:

Hello everybody. It’s Sean Lee, the Chief Marketing Officer at Amify.

Today, I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about how you can assess Amazon and digital creative. There are really four things that I look for when assessing digital creative.

The first is does it showcase your brand benefit, and is it on brand equity?

The second is, is it attention-grabbing? You want to make sure that you’ll disrupt somebody on Amazon or while they’re scrolling through the feed.

The third is, does it use your brand’s recognizable assets? So think your patterns, your shapes, your colors, and your logos. Somebody should recognize that it’s your brand the moment that they see that asset.

And finally, is it simple and is it clear?

This is extremely important if you’re going to overlay benefit language on top of visuals. They should be no more than 5 to 10 words and have the same impact that an end cap at Target or a floor stand at Kroger would have with your consumers.

You only have a short amount to grab their attention.

I want to share a few examples of some of the creative we’ve created at Amify. All of these examples are attention-grabbing, using benefit overlays in a mix of brand and lifestyle imagery that is very clearly the brand when you see it.

If you have any questions, we’d love to talk about your Amazon creative and how we could help improve it.

Thank you everybody. Appreciate it.

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