Amazon in 90 Seconds: Importance of Optimized Content

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Amazon in 90 Seconds: Importance of Optimized Content

Video Transcript:

Hi there, my name is Sam Thurstone and I’m with Amify.

I wanted to take a moment to talk with you about the importance of optimized content for your Amazon listings.

When you think about the shopper experience and how drastically different it is on Amazon as opposed to being in a physical store where there, a consumer can pick up your product, look at the packaging and beautiful design.

On Amazon, there’s really only so much that they can rely on but a large portion of that lies in the content aspect

and we believe there needs to be a healthy balance of graphic overlays, lifestyle images, key benefit call out, to really communicating the value of your brand and telling your brand story in a unique way that resonates in the minds of consumers.

When doing so effectively, we’ve seen conversion rate increases anywhere from 10%-40%.

So if it’s not something that you’ve done recently as a brand, it might be something worth thinking about.

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