Amazon Storefronts: Five Stellar Examples

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Amazon Storefronts: Five Stellar Examples

Considering that nearly 50% of all U.S. e-commerce sales happen on Amazon, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are building branded storefronts on the digital retail powerhouse’s platform. By using Amazon Seller Central (3P), you gain access to a massive shopper base, without the heavy investment in developing your own e-commerce solution. If you have your own direct-to-consumer site, Amazon Brand Stores are still an excellent complement to acquire new shoppers. Seller Central offers you the opportunity to customize your shopper experience more than ever before. And, by opting to go 3P, you’ll also gain access to a wealth of handy customer data that can help you optimize your sales strategy and better target shoppers.So, once you’ve decided to take the plunge, what does a well-designed Amazon storefront look like? They can vary widely depending on brand aesthetic and industry, but the common thread for successful stores is their focus on telling a brand story. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to building affinity and increasing sales in a way that standard listings simply can’t. If you’re considering opening an Amazon storefront, here are five terrific examples to inspire you.

Hanz De Fuko

Hanz De Fuko Brand Store Designed By Amify

Hanz De Fuko’s Brand Store showcases a sleek, contemporary look.

Personal care brand Hanz De Fuko demonstrates exactly how a storefront can reinforce a brand’s character and voice. Note how the contemporary look and feel compliments and accentuates the brand’s sleek, modern packaging. The striking, you-can-almost-reach-out-and-touch-it product photography creates a premium feel, while testimonials reassure shoppers that they won’t regret a purchase. It goes above and beyond traditional, ho-hum product listings on Amazon. And that’s the point.


Cush Core Amazon Brand Store Designed by Amify

Cush Core shows off their product and core values in an effective manner.

CushCore offers mountain bikers a patented tire insert to help cushion bumps, prevent flats and protect rims. The bold background visuals in their storefront capture the grit and thrill of mountain biking, communicating to customers and prospects that this brand “gets” the sport and its ethos. Simple images and copy, along with a video, showcase how easy their products are to install. CushCore demonstrates how a smart storefront can encourage shoppers to slow down and take a closer look while pushing them down the trail toward a purchase.


Craft Amazon Brand Store

Craft’s design allows users to both explore the brand and locate the right product.

At the top of the Craft sportswear storefront, you’ll find rotating images and messages that capture the brand’s essence. A dramatic, beautifully shot video reinforces Craft’s commitment to performance. Note how the Craft storefront offers multiple levels and types of navigation, making it very easy for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for (or to discover something new).

Mountain Khakis

Mountain Khakis Amazon Brand Store

Sustainability and storytelling are blended perfectly in Mountain Khakis’ “Our Brand” page.

The store for premium outdoor clothing brand Mountain Khakis sets a high bar in a number of ways, especially when it comes to brand storytelling. The “Our Brand” page is packed with crisp copywriting that speaks to the brand’s essence and commitment to sustainability. The store also includes a beautifully shot video highlighting the company’s waste reduction efforts. After viewing it, no doubt many shoppers feel compelled to order Mountain Khakis products—and feel good for doing so. If your brand is committed to a social cause, your storefront could be designed to have the same effect on shoppers.


Amazon Basics Brand Store

Strategic placement of products optimizes Amazon’s Basics page for sales.

This one is unique—not just because it is Amazon’s own storefront, but because it encompasses such a wide array of products. Amazon tackles this challenge well. They’ve placed all the product categories on the main store page and in the primary navigation, which gives shoppers multiple ways to find the products they’re looking for. It’s an important lesson. The better your storefront’s user experience, the more easily you’ll be able to increase basket size and close sales.If any of these Amazon brand storefronts have sparked some ideas for upping your game on Amazon, let’s talk. Our team specializes in helping you increase sales and profits via Amazon. We’re confident we can help you build a storefront that is just as effective as these five stellar examples.

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