Amify Hits $100 Million in Annual GMV for Clients Selling on Amazon

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Amify Hits $100 Million in Annual GMV for Clients Selling on Amazon

We are excited to announce that Amify, the first Amazon-as-a-Service provider, has officially hit a new milestone within the Amazon Marketplace as we help brands optimize their presence, margins, and sales. In the last year, Amify has increased 600% in gross merchandise value (GMV), allowing us to reach $100 million in GMV for our customers in terms of goods sold. Amify has established itself as the largest service provider focused on third party (3P) sellers.While utilizing our award-winning content and advertising to help brands market themselves effectively on Amazon, Amify also supports brands by managing customer storefronts, overseeing inventory and demand planning, and handling customer service and returns. In order to reach our client’s sales and ecommerce goals, Amify creates a customized Amazon strategy to best align with their needs.Amify has not only been growing current clients on Amazon, but has significantly grown our company’s total client base as well, while being responsible for our clients’ average growth on Amazon of 150%.“While there are dozens of companies offering services in the Amazon ecosystem, none provide the breadth of outsourced end-to-end services that Amify does, which has helped us grow our business significantly,” said Ethan McAfee, founder and CEO, Amify. “Brands have many competing channel priorities, and they see Amify as the partner they can trust long-term with both their Amazon strategy and execution to ensure that their presence on the largest ecommerce site in the world is executed to its fullest advantage.”Currently, Amify is closer to $150 million as we continue to rapidly grow, and projections expect the GMV run rate to hit $200 million by the end of the year.

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