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Boost Sales with Amazon Product Videos

Every Amazon business looks for ways to attract new customers and grow its sales. In recent years, many have found that incorporating video into a product’s amazon listing can increase conversion rates and improve the overall health of an Amazon seller account.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as grabbing the closest smartphone and tapping the record button. The benefits of video in an e-commerce marketplace result from having a solid strategy, understanding Amazon’s product video guidelines, and executing the plan with professional standards that will strengthen your brand. 

The value of product videos on Amazon

Of course, the appeal of adding video production to your brand’s list of marketing assets isn’t limited to the Amazon marketplace. Videos can be valuable for direct-to-consumer websites, social media campaigns and even customer service efforts. However, product videos can be uniquely effective on Amazon due to the multiple ways they can impact listing performance and influence the buying decision in your product’s favor. 

Videos provide more details and context
Two of the primary reasons shoppers rely on Amazon are the platform’s selection and convenience. With tens of millions of products available, it’s hard not to find what they’re looking for. But, in many cases, the bigger conundrum can be choosing the product that best meets their needs among all the competition. 

An effective product description video can address this issue for brands hoping to find an edge against other sellers. While the listing copy and images also play an important role, a well-made video can provide better insight into every aspect of a product and do so more efficiently. The amount of time a prospective buyer invests in your listing is limited, and a video can quickly communicate key features to impatient shoppers. The ability to see a person interacting with or utilizing a product on video also conveys valuable context for a purchasing decision that is difficult to replicate with words or still pictures. 

Videos can support your SEO
Any path to success on Amazon has to go through the site’s algorithm. Fortunately, adding video to a product listing can support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. In addition to increasing the chance of converting a shopper to a buyer, videos can keep people on your page longer and create another opportunity to include relevant keywords in your Amazon product listing. Videos can also result in more appropriate expectations that can reduce negative reviews. These advantages all work together to improve Amazon listing optimization and can help a product rise in the rankings.

Videos can increase conversion
Why are additional details and better Amazon SEO important? Because they can positively impact sales. The main reason to make product videos a part of an Amazon listing is to increase conversions for that item. Videos demonstrate confidence in your product and can be tailored to address any hurdles that are holding back sales. Use them to be sure customers are using their purchases correctly or to address past concerns from unsatisfied customers. A high-quality product video can also strengthen your reputation as a serious seller who goes beyond the minimum requirements to reach customers and will stand by their product. All these factors can influence Amazon shoppers and be the difference between those who “add to cart” and those who move on to other listings.

Integrating product videos into your Amazon content

There’s no question that content is crucial for any Amazon business. That’s why it’s essential to understand the value of Amazon A+ Content. It’s your chance to provide fantastic product details for your product listing pages, integrating high-quality images, comparison charts, and more. In a world of e-commerce often driven by social media, shoppers now expect enhanced brand content that exhibits personalized service, captivating content, and a flawless user experience. While video additions are only available to sellers with access to Amazon’s Premium A+ features, those utilising Basic A+ content still have opportunities to integrate videos into their listings. 

For example, compelling Amazon product videos is one of the ways to build an effective Amazon Storefront for your brand. Using videos in product detail pages, Storefronts and, when available A+ Content, is among the best tools to create a satisfying shopping experience on your Amazon store and attract loyal customers. Whether it’s an Amazon product image, the words in your description, or a product video, these pieces should work together to communicate your product’s unique advantages over the competition.  

However, before you can join the countless Amazon sellers who are already using video to promote their products, you’ll need to decide what types of videos make sense for your brand and will be most engaging for your audience.

Showcase product features
A product highlight video prioritizes the product’s features. They are among the most simple and effective types of product videos. Typically, they display the product from every angle as well as in-use. Think of this as a video version of the key features from your listing. 

Provide a how-to video
A how-to video is often similar to one showcasing a product’s features in that it is short and to the point. However, beyond just demonstrating the product in use, these explainer videos can be helpful when a product is complicated to use or designed to aid in completing a task. They can feature step-by-step instructions or be a tutorial on a relevant topic that includes the product in part of the process. 

Strengthen your brand
Despite what some Amazon sellers may fear, reaching the hundreds of millions of shoppers who use the marketplace does not have to come at the cost of sacrificing your brand. In fact, the video feature of a listing is one of several ways a seller can reinforce their brand identity on Amazon. Creating a brand or lifestyle video can tell a product’s story and reach the customers most likely to be interested in it. These Amazon videos shift the attention to the brand’s personality, and the experience users can expect. They may share your company mission or attempt to create a connection with shoppers.  

Capitalize on the unboxing trend
With the evolution of social media and the increasing ease of video production, product unboxing videos have become a staple of the internet. Often hosted by consumers and influencers on their personal channels, these videos feature products being removed from their original packaging and initial impressions of the item. This type of product video can be beneficial for products that require assembly or feature multiple accessories. Additionally, brand owners can consider an unboxing video on Amazon to set expectations and avoid confusion among buyers. 

Offer a comparison
If a product stacks up well against a popular competitor, a comparison product video could be the fastest route to more sales. Rather than focusing on the product’s features and functionality alone, these videos do so in comparison to similar products. Be warned that creating a comparison video must be done carefully and deliberately to avoid violating Amazon’s policies against denigrating other brands. Don’t mention any other company’s products by name, and be sure to include evidence for any claims you make. It’s best to keep the focus on the positive aspects of your product than spend too much time on negativity toward the competitor. 

Create an effective product video for your Amazon listing

Regardless of the goal of your Amazon product video, some tactics will raise its quality and effectiveness. Thanks to advances in video technology, brands have the ability to manage production in-house and on a minimal budget. Still, bringing in an experienced team to script, produce, light, voice, and edit your product video can often pay dividends when it comes to time and expectations. 

If you decide to stick with a do-it-yourself approach, you’ll want to abide by some tried-and-true video production tactics. Keep the video short and to the point, typically under a minute, whenever possible. If you hope to use the final product in a Sponsored Brand Video ad, you’ll need a version that is under 45 seconds. 

When developing the plan for your video, try to put yourself in the position of a shopper and be sure you’re addressing the questions they will be hoping to answer. 

While video quality from phones can be excellent, a professional product video will need to be done using a stand that keeps your footage stable and smooth. Likewise, capturing quality audio may require an additional microphone to ensure the clear sound and crisp narration that a proper video requires. Utilizing natural light can overcome the costs and learning curve that accompanies studio lighting, but in either case, your product must look good on the screen. 

Finally, consider adding useful on-screen text in post-production that gives your product video value even when watched without sound. Be mindful of the source of any music you include, as royalty-free will likely be your only realistic option. 

Upload your product video to Amazon
Once your product video is complete, the final step is uploading it to Amazon for video review. It’s a relatively simple process for those familiar with the Amazon Seller Central interface. The video file format should be either .mov or .mp4, and Amazon recommends keeping the file size below 5GB. Within those limitations, it’s best to upload the best quality video you can, up to 1080p resolution. 

You’ll also want to give some consideration to the thumbnail, or static image preview, that will display to customers before the video plays. Amazon will automatically select a frame from the product video for this purpose, but you can replace it with a higher-quality product photo or other relevant .jpg or .png. Finally, you’ll need to give your video a concise, keyword-optimized title and identify the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) the video is promoting. 

Avoid these Amazon product video mistakes

Knowing what factors create successful Amazon video content is essential, but don’t overlook the mistakes that can derail even the best intentions. As with most parts of being an Amazon seller, there are important rules to follow. Unfortunately, stepping outside these guidelines can cost you time and money by delaying the time it takes to get your video added or forcing you to start from scratch. Here are a few of the potential pitfalls that you want to avoid:

  • Of course, you will need to be the brand owner of any product you are trying to feature in a video, and access to the video option will require completing the Amazon Brand Registry process. Don’t start your video-planning process until you’ve completed this critical step.
  • Resist the urge to feature any time-sensitive promotional messaging in your product video. Terms like “limited-time sale” or the inclusion of discount codes will likely prevent your submission from being approved. 
  • Don’t use the video to direct shoppers to your company’s website. Amazon won’t allow a video that lures visitors away from the platform. 
  • Keep the focus on the product you’re attempting to sell. It’s okay to mention competitors, but don’t make defamatory statements. Any direct comparisons must be objective, accurate and backed up with clear evidence to support claims. 
  • Steer clear of health claims, explicit language, politics or any controversial topics. The limitations that apply to your listing copy also apply to videos. 

Amify can give your product a starring role on Amazon

Crafting the perfect product title, directing gorgeous product photography, and scripting an effective listing video are just a sampling of the skills businesses need to bring to their Amazon listings. If it seems overwhelming, a full-service Amazon partner could be the answer. Amify has experts ready to assist with all the demands that listing, optimization and fulfillment place on your business. Contact us to discover how our experience can address your Amazon challenges and grow your brand.

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