Featured on Forbes: 2022 E-Commerce Trends And How Brands Can Capitalize On Them

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Featured on Forbes: 2022 E-Commerce Trends And How Brands Can Capitalize On Them

With e-commerce sales up 45% in 2020, there’s no question that the pandemic had an immense impact on the industry’s growth trajectory. And although many things have gotten back to normal, sales have leveled out to a more realistic growth rate and traditional brick-and-mortar stores reopened, the trend is clear: e-commerce will continue to grow and can no longer be treated as an afterthought in your overall sales strategy.

Amify founder Ethan McAfee shared his thoughts on the topic – as well as tips for how brands can capitalize on these e-commerce trends – in a recent Forbes Business Council article. Read the full article here, and when you’re ready to explore how Amify can help you achieve your e-commerce goals on Amazon, let’s talk.

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