Five Ways an Agency can Boost your Amazon PPC Campaigns

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Five Ways an Agency can Boost your Amazon PPC Campaigns

Every brand on the platform is looking for ways to strengthen its Amazon sales. However, while Amazon SEO can give sellers the edge when it comes to organic search results, it’s not the only path to a better bottom line. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) Amazon ads can be a more direct way to drive traffic to your product listings or Amazon Storefront. These PPC ads allow e-commerce businesses to break through the immense competition on Amazon and increase their reach. But it requires a solid plan, a broad understanding of the tools available and skilled execution on behalf of the advertiser. For many sellers, turning to an agency with experience in managing Amazon PPC campaigns is the best way to achieve online advertising success. 

Establishing a PPC plan

The last thing any Amazon seller should want is to run an Amazon campaign without a plan. While online advertising can be quite cost-effective, a poorly planned campaign will have very little Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), meaning you will have paid too much, no matter the cost. Relying on an Amazon PPC expert can ensure that your campaign is focused on more than just closing a sale. Instead, a reputable agency will help you align your business goals with your marketing efforts on the Amazon marketplace. 

Advertising tactics can be adjusted depending on whether you are trying to raise brand awareness, launch a new product or grow market dominance. For example, an Amazon agency can explain how targeting competing listings or keywords can help increase market share while remarketing strategies can help to drive conversions and increase profitability. 

More importantly, an experienced Amazon PPC service provider will already understand the nuanced ways to optimize a PPC advertising campaign, such as bidding thresholds and data analysis. That expertise can also help develop a more comprehensive campaign built on clearly established goals and complements other aspects of your marketing, such as social media and customer communications.  

Conducting keyword research 

While keywords play a role in successful search engine optimization, it’s not unusual for companies to undervalue keyword research. This is particularly true when it comes to PPC campaigns. But your brand doesn’t have to make the mistake of undermining digital marketing efforts with such an avoidable error. Instead, let an experienced Amazon agency take the lead in the process. 

The challenge of finding the best keywords for your brand to target often involves uncovering the search intent behind the potential options. Beyond just identifying relevant words and phrases, you must account for how those terms relate to a user’s objective and whether that purpose is adequately aligned with your company’s goals. Amazon PPC consultants are experienced in focusing on user intent and capable of narrowing the strategy down to the keywords that deserve the most attention. These PPC experts can help close the gap between your SEO goals and your audience’s online actions.

Of course, reducing Amazon PPC campaigns down to one or two words is rarely the most productive approach. So, while identifying these short but generic keywords, known as head keywords, is essential, it’s only a starting point. Long-tail keywords are another area where a brand pursuing successful Amazon SEO could benefit from some help from an Amazon PPC management company. These are a specific combination of keywords or phrases that closely mirror how a person might search for something online. For example, “waterproof shoes for kids” or “white round wall clock” would be long-tail keywords that could be targeted by brands more efficiently than the head keywords of “shoes” or “clock” alone. 

Targeting the right shoppers

A key benefit of Sponsored Display advertising and other types of Amazon PPC advertising lies in the targeting options. Advertisers can create a targeting strategy based on a similar product or relevant product category or choose to focus on specific types of audiences. A talented Amazon agency understands the strength of each approach and which one to implement based on the client’s goal. 

For example, product targeting can be helpful when promoting product awareness and attempting to accelerate product discovery. Audience targeting is designed to reach shoppers based on their behaviors and preferences, not only when they’re on Amazon. These tactics can target shoppers who have previously viewed relevant products and categories or attempt to introduce an item to new customers who are likely to be interested. 

Amazon PPC Campaigns offers brands a powerful tool to enhance advertising campaigns, expand the marketing funnel and drive greater revenue and profits. But the most successful campaigns are comprehensive, utilizing the full suite of advertising options such as Amazon Sponsored Brand purchases, Sponsored Products ads, and listing optimization to promote products efficiently. However, success requires a solid foundational strategy and a commitment to ongoing improvement that can be best implemented with the help of Amazon PPC experts. 

Measuring advertising effectiveness

Brands that are new to Amazon PPC campaigns may overlook one of the most impactful aspects of success – measurement. This is despite the fact that Amazon offers a plethora of data to advertisers on the platform via its Seller Central advertising reports. Similar to the Google Analytics dashboard that brands may also be familiar with, these metrics offer incredible insight into the performance of product display ads or other Amazon ads and include:

  • Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS)
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Impressions
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

When sellers work independently, it can be difficult to decipher what each of these statistics means for their campaign and how to benchmark them appropriately. However, sellers who opt to partner with an outside agency for PPC services enjoy the competitive advantage of working with specialists who know precisely how to interpret this data. More importantly, an agency can also find actionable insights from Amazon’s advertising metrics that will allow them to improve your campaign over time and launch new PPC campaigns more efficiently based on previous results.

Staying ahead of the competition 

Selling successfully on Amazon is easily a full-time responsibility, and it often takes more time than expected. Launching new product listings, optimizing them for your customers and the algorithm, and setting up and maintaining your Storefront, are just the start of a long list of tasks that must be done and then improved over time. Creating and managing an effective PPC campaign to drive prospective customers to your products can be asking too much of any Amazon seller. 

Businesses love versatile employees, but Amazon marketing services are one area that benefits greatly from experience. It can be the difference between getting things done and getting them done well. Copywriting, keyword research, targeting, and branding are a few of the skills that Amazon PPC success depends on. Proven Amazon experts can increase conversions while minimizing ad spend. Rather than dedicate so much effort to something outside your comfort zone, an Amazon agency can ensure your brand stays up-to-date on the latest PPC advertising trends, tools and features from Amazon more efficiently. 

By outsourcing these skills to a full-service agency, you’ll enjoy award-winning product creative and can be confident that your PPC advertising will be optimized for the right keywords and targeted accurately. The additional experience can also make integrating valuable strategies like A/B testing into your Amazon advertising efforts more manageable. 

Let Amify design your next PPC campaign 

Amify can help your brand establish a data-driven advertising strategy that gets your products in front of the ideal audience. We plan and execute efficient media tactics, including sponsored products, brands, display and video, making sure you get the best possible ROI with your Amazon PPC campaigns. Contact us today to learn how Amify can maximize your Seller Central performance and ensure your advertising costs lead to tangible results.

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