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Grow Your Business with an Amazon Consultant

It’s not uncommon for retailers to find success in traditional sales or via a direct-to-consumer website before attempting to add Amazon sales to the mix. But sometimes, a brand finds its performance on the leading online marketplace to be lackluster compared with its other channels. Often, that signals a problem with the strategy or execution on the platform rather than a product weakness. 

These circumstances can be a good reason to ask for help from an experienced Amazon agency. The size, competition and nuances of Amazon make it a challenge to master, even for brands that have found success elsewhere. But, the right Amazon consultant can strengthen the most important areas of your business to help your brand reach more shoppers and drive faster conversions on Amazon. 

Warehousing & Logistics

Amazon seller success hinges on a company’s ability to get its products to customers quickly. Whether a brand is shipping to Amazon as a vendor, fulfilling customer orders directly, or relying on a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) model, the storage, packing, labeling and shipping of a product need to be expertly managed. The most valuable Amazon consultancy services can provide optimized warehousing space that is advantageously located near Amazon’s shipping hubs. It’s just one of the many services that an Amazon consultant can offer to streamline a company’s operations. 

In addition to the warehousing challenges an Amazon business faces, poorly-managed inventory can negatively impact a company’s bottom line. Fortunately, a reputable Amazon consulting expert can provide cost-saving logistics solutions. For example, a consultant can provide experience with Amazon’s FBA guidelines and ensure that products remain in stock for customer orders and that businesses can avoid the expensive aged-inventory fees that Amazon will charge for stagnant inventory. In addition, their technology and experience can keep your inventory optimized by offering supply strategy, demand planning, tracking, storage monitoring and returns management.

Amazon A+ Content

The competition on Amazon is fierce. And although listing products for sale on the site is a critical first step, it is by no means the end of the effort. Regardless of how many shoppers land on a listing, the most successful Amazon sellers know that high-quality product content is necessary to lead to more Amazon sales. A consultant will understand the platform’s search algorithm as well as the preferences and behaviors of customers. Their experience in Amazon listing optimization, Amazon search engine optimization (SEO), designing eye-catching imagery and developing enhanced brand content that grabs attention can provide a much-needed edge. 

Among the most influential pieces of Amazon A+ content are high-quality images and videos. In fact, 78 percent of people say video has convinced them to buy a product, while 30 percent of shoppers won’t even consider a product that presents low-quality images. Amazon seller consultants can create professionally shot and art-directed photos or videos will help you create visuals that don’t just look good but also help you sell. In addition, the media on your product pages or Amazon store should tell a story. An Amazon consultant knows how to showcase your product from multiple angles, add compelling text overlays to relay product benefits and use precise measurements and comparisons to establish its size and function. 

And remember, nothing packs a storytelling punch quite like video. Done correctly, it has the power to engage your customers and provide information that can minimize confusion and lead to fewer returns and better reviews.

Amazon Marketing Services

Thriving Amazon businesses can rarely rely on content optimization alone. They also need a data-driven Amazon marketing strategy to get products in front of their ideal online customers, even beyond the Amazon platform. Partnering with Amazon consulting experts can give brands access to more efficient advertising and media tactics, including Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media and video. Integrating a paid digital marketing plan with optimization ensures the best possible return on investment. Amazon consulting services specializing in SEO and advertising are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of such an approach. 

An Amazon consulting service can also lead the creation of a highly-shoppable Amazon Storefront that organizes and promotes products effectively while building a company’s brand loyalty. Creating an Amazon Storefront should not be an isolated tactic. Instead, it needs to be part of a broader campaign to develop followers and strengthen your brand. Working with Amazon seller consulting services can ensure that the effort integrates ways to drive traffic to your Amazon shop using your other brand assets, such as social media followers, digital advertising or a Sponsored Brands campaign. 

‍Using these strategies can make your Amazon Storefront’s successes part of a comprehensive campaign that can help grow your business exponentially. Remember that just because Amazon is where your sales are happening, it’s not the only place to engage customers. If your brand intends to make Amazon its primary sales channel, all aspects of your branding and advertising should support your Amazon listings. Likewise, your presence on Amazon must contribute to your overall brand. 

Platform Management

As the dominant e-commerce platform, selling on Amazon is a high-stakes undertaking for any business. Getting started is relatively simple, but finding success and maintaining it is much harder. An experienced agency can help establish and maintain a healthy Amazon seller central account. They will also be able to set up your listings, protect your brand by monitoring and removing unauthorized sellers, and respond to customer inquiries or negative product reviews promptly and courteously. In other words, an agency can take the fundamental tasks accompanying selling on Amazon off your plate and likely complete them more efficiently. 

In addition, Amazon is constantly evolving, so staying informed about the latest policy changes, newest tools and fluctuating costs without help is nearly impossible for most businesses. The ones that try a do-it-yourself approach can have trouble developing a strategy that works consistently for their brand. Obviously, this can lead to unpredictable sales rather than steady growth. A successful partnership with an Amazon agency can minimize surprises and help companies anticipate what lies ahead for sellers on the platform. Because effective agencies are plugged into Amazon’s current trends and deeply understand the status quo, they can make your brand’s experience on the site much less volatile. 

Strategy & Analytics

Clearly, an agency can strengthen a brand’s Amazon presence in several ways, but one of the essential capabilities it can offer is an informed and well-defined strategy. The relationship between an Amazon expert and a seller can add an invaluable perspective when building a plan to reach their goals in the Amazon marketplace. An Amazon specialist with extensive experience and a track record of success will know which tools to turn to first and how to stack efforts effectively to create synergy for its client. Even long-time business owners can be overwhelmed with the intricacies of selling on Amazon and will benefit from a strategic plan aimed at growth on the platform. 

Whether from Amazon or elsewhere, one of the advantages of e-commerce is the incredible amount of data sellers can access. There’s often a daunting number of reports available regarding inventory, shoppers, advertising, buyers and more. The most effective Amazon account management will be ready to help your brand identify growth potential and leverage the deepest data to increase brand awareness. Remember, it’s not just about monitoring this enormous cache of data. It must also be appropriately analyzed to reveal actionable insights that optimize and grow sales. In particular, Amazon sellers can benefit from an agency that utilizes the platform’s proprietary reports via Amazon Seller Central and supplements those metrics with outside data to create a fuller picture of a brand’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Finally, few of the brands selling on Amazon take advantage of all the tools on the platform. Whether it’s due to a lack of time, missing expertise or a focus on other priorities, it could be hurting your company’s bottom line. As mentioned above, Amazon Brand Registry, A+ Content, Amazon Storefronts, product listing optimization, product research, Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC are just some of the options available. And all of them are proven to increase conversions when implemented effectively. Sellers that haven’t been able to capitalize on these, and other tactics, regardless of the reason, should certainly explore whether an Amazon seller consultant can transform this severe deficiency into a strength.

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