How to Take Advantage of the Honeymoon Period

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How to Take Advantage of the Honeymoon Period

Did you know that when a new product or brand is launched, Amazon provides them with a “honeymoon” period where the brand is given an unfair organic rank? This honeymoon period can be extremely valuable with the right content, advertising strategy, and ratings and reviews plan.

Here are three tips to focus on during the honeymoon period:

  1. Aim small: It’s tempting to go after high volume search terms, but we suggest starting smaller, gaining traction, and expanding.
  • Target more precisely based on product benefits/attributes and focus on getting better reviews
  • Gain “Amazon Choice” badges and begin to appear on higher volume searches in the Amazon Choice module
  • Start selling enough units per week for long-tail search terms to rank organically and then move further up the funnel

2. Find the right surroundings: Find search results with a good combination of:

  • Lazy Advertisers: You can find opportunities that larger brands miss. Longer tail keywords will typically have lower bids because they compete against broad match and auto campaigns, not manual campaigns.
  • Poor Content: No A+ content, just product shots for images, no videos, no brand posts, etc.
  • Bad reviews: Products with bad reviews that are highlighted prominently on the PDP
  • Find terms with distinct formats/branding: Sprays vs. Creams, Big Brand vs. Boutique Brand

3. Monitor and Pivot:

  • Track organic rank at least daily, hourly is ideal, using 3rd party tools
  • Be ready to pivot advertising, but give your efforts a chance to work
  • Playing whack-a-mole without statistically significant data sets to analyze will leave you with page 2 ranks and depleted ad budgets

                  If you want to find more ways to take advantage of the honeymoon period, check out our webinar, “How to Harness the Power of the Amazon “Honeymoon” Period for New Product Launches.”

Want to learn more about how your brand can maximize the Amazon honeymoon period? Let’s Talk.

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