Increase Loyalty with Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool”

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Increase Loyalty with Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool”

What is Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?

Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool allows sellers to directly market to Amazon customers who follow your brand via email marketing campaigns, along with building brand loyalty with customers and increasing visibility of your new products. Due to the strict Amazon guidelines regarding communication with customers, sending out marketing or promotional messaging has been prohibited. In the past, customers would receive product updates, launches, or notifications about special sales for brands they followed, but these updates were being sent by Amazon, not the brand. However, the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool has opened new opportunities for sellers to reach out to their customers themselves in order to increase engagement, retention, and loyalty. These email campaigns are created to make your products stand out, allowing sellers to include product imagery and their logo in the emails.

Who is Eligible?

In order for sellers to utilize Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool, they must be enrolled in Brand Registry, have an active Amazon Store, and have followers on your Amazon Store. If your Amazon Store is struggling to gain followers, Amazon recommends utilizing another one of their tools called Amazon Posts, which allows brands to share product and lifestyle images on their feed. This feed can be accessed by customers through the “posts” tab on your Storefront. By sharing content and updates on your feed, customers will be more likely to follow your brand.

How to Set Up the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

The process to set up your email campaign requires five key factors:

  1. You must upload your brand logo in a 3:1 horizontal layout.

2. The listing should be a new item to your marketplace since the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool is designed to promote the latest products.3. Select a high-quality supporting image that displays the product’s benefits.4. Schedule the time you want your email campaign to send out.5. Gain approval from Amazon within 72 hours of you completing the previous four steps. Sellers will also be able to access key performance metrics from their email campaigns, including open rates and total clicks. If you are interested in learning more about Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool and more about how to win on Amazon, Lets Talk.

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