Potomac River Holdings Announces Launch of Amify

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Potomac River Holdings Announces Launch of Amify

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Two-Time Inc. 500 Award Winning Company to Focus on Helping Brands Maximize their Presence on Amazon

Alexandria, VA –Potomac River Holdings, a two-time Inc. 500 winning company, announces its newest division: Amify. Beginning as a third-party reseller, Amify represents an organizational evolution towards a more efficient, data-driven suite of services, focused on helping brand partners sell responsibly on Amazon.  Beginning in 2011 as a seller of niche sports products, Potomac River Holdings has experienced six straight years of exponential growth, most recently surpassing $26 million in total revenue in 2016. As an Amazon reseller, Potomac River Holdings represents the top 1% of the over 2 million third-party sellers.

Unlike its competitors, Amify focuses on the integrity of its brand partners; merging superior retail customer service, ethical online brand management, innovative technology, and a dedication to brand authenticity. With proven success in maximizing marketplace potential, Amify forges into the new age of retail as a true leader on the Amazon platform.  Potomac River Holdings maintains partnerships with over 600 brands, representing over one million items sold. In the Northern Virginia Community, Potomac River Holdings partners with many brick-and-mortar stores, including Pacers Running,Arlington Foot & AnkleAlternative Health Associates, and Refresh Yoga Center.  

About Amify  Amify is an award-winning, technology-driven Amazon services provider with a focus on connecting brands to customers. Using proprietary software and marketplace expertise, Amify optimizes and enhances a brand’s presence on Amazon, helping to maximize Amazon growth potential while protecting from common issues like MAP violation. With over 600 vendor partnerships and over one million items sold, Amify guarantees sales acceleration, brand enhancement, and brand protection.  For more information, please visit GoAmify.com  Or follow on social via InstagramFacebook, &Linkedin

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