The Guide to Amazon’s Sponsored Display Audiences

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The Guide to Amazon’s Sponsored Display Audiences

On average, it takes shoppers nearly a week to decide on what product to buy. However, many choose to not make a purchase in the end due to forgetting or being indecisive. The big question is, how do sellers decrease the number of customers they lose during the purchase journey?Amazon’s self-service display targeting solution, Sponsored Display Audiences, is the answer to this problem. Here is a guide on how this campaign enables you to reach more relevant shoppers and boost conversions:

Benefits of Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

Amazon recently released the Sponsored Display Audiences in order to provide brands with the ability to:

  • Launch new products more effectively
  • Reach and engage new customers
  • Re-engage with shoppers throughout the purchase journey
  • Scale an advertising campaign for new and established products quickly
  • Reduce advertising waste

Features of Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences has various capabilities and tools to help you gain brand recognition, increase product awareness, reach new shoppers, re-engage potential customers and more:

  • Views Remarketing: Convert More Potential Customers
  • Audience Controls: Target More Effectively and Reach More Shoppers
  • Engage at Scale: Run Large Advertising Campaigns on Any Budget
  • Customizable Creative: Convince Customers with Ads That Delight
  • Automated Deals and Savings Badging: Reach More Shoppers and Boost Click-Through Rates
  • Retail Aware: Maximize Advertising Campaign Efficiency

Making the Most of Sponsored Display Audiences

Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences offers brands another powerful tool to enhance advertising campaigns, expand the marketing funnel and drive greater revenue and profits. For Amazon sellers and vendors, Sponsored Display Audiences should be used alongside Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display product targeting. The benefits are too great to pass on. If you are interested in engaging more relevant shoppers and boosting conversions, check out the full guide here. If you are committed to enhancing your brand and learning more about the tips and strategies that Amify has to offer, reach out here.

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