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How To Get the Most Out of the Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

It takes shoppers approximately 6-7 days to decide on a purchase due to the countless options and other factors that play into purchase journey, with only 4% of shoppers buying a product after their first search. In order to avoid losing customers during the decision-making process, Amazon created a solution called the Sponsored Display Audiences. This tool allows sellers to remarket to interested shoppers and engage with customers in a more targeted way.

Benefits of the Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

At the end of 2020, Amazon revealed the Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences to give brands even more tools and strategies to win business on the platform. The Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences, available on both the Amazon Advertising API and the advertising console, allows brands to:

  • Launch new products more effectively
  • Reach and engage new customers
  • Re-engage with shoppers throughout the purchase journey
  • Scale an advertising campaign for new and established products quickly
  • Reduce advertising waste

Features of the Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

The various capabilities offered through the Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences include:

  • Converting more potential customers through enhanced views remarketing
  • Targeting more effectively and reaching more shoppers through audience controls
  • Running large advertising campaigns on any budget
  • Convincing customers with ads that delight through customizable creative
  • Reaching more shoppers and boosting click-through rates through automated deals and savings badging
  • Maximizing advertising campaign efficiency

Since the Sponsored Display Audiences tool is new and Amazon’s advertising landscape and rules change constantly, utilizing it effectively can be a difficult and time-consuming task. To get more details and go more in-depth on the features and benefits of the Sponsored Display Audiences, check out our blog, “Succeeding with Amazon’s Sponsored Display Audiences”.If you are interested in learning more about how to effectively strategize on Amazon in general, you can talk to one of our Amazon experts here.