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How to Utilize Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

Are you looking to drive brand loyalty, retention, and engagement with your Amazon customers? Amazon has recently announced the “Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool” to help brands drive engagement with existing users and strengthen customer relationships via email within Amazon’s ecosystem. Brands will be allowed to email customers that follow their brand via the follow button on their Brand Storefront. Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool Overview:This tool allows sellers to enhance loyal relationships with customers, increase the visibility of the latest products, and market directly to those who follow your brand on Amazon. “For the first time ever, take advantage of email marketing to help strengthen the customer-brand relationship and provide inspiration driven shopping experiences.” -Amazon Who is Eligible:Registered brands with an Amazon Stores page with followers can utilize the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool. Eligibility can be checked on the Amazon Brand Registry page for those who are not already registered.  

How to Create an Email Campaign Using the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool: 1) Upload your logo: The image must be in a horizontal layout, along with having either a white, black, or transparent background 2) Add a product: The product must have been made available on Amazon to purchase within the last six months 3) Include a supporting image: Upload an image that includes the product’s benefits 4) Schedule the campaign: Plan the time in which you would like your campaign to send  Amazon will review the campaigns in order to determine if they meet all requirements and take a minimum of 72 hours for image assets to be reviewed.We believe this can be a good way for brands to drive 1:1 relationships and repeat purchases within the Amazon ecosystem.

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