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With cutting-edge technology, we connect our partner brands to the people who love them on Amazon.

With over 600 vendor partnerships and over one million items sold, Amify is an award-winning, technology driven brand partner with a laser focus on connecting brands to the customers that love them on the Amazon platform. Using a proven and vetted data-driven approach, we optimize and enhance product listings on Amazon and partner with those brands to maximize their Amazon growth potential, while protecting them from common issues like MAP violations.

Sales Acceleration

For our partners, we develop and implement industry-tailored, Amazon-specific marketing plans and growth initiatives that maximize opportunity and leverage Amazon seller resources like sponsored ads and targeted campaigns, guaranteed to increase sales.

Problem: I’m not getting the sales that I expected on Amazon.


A tailored, strategic plan to optimize your product listings and leverage the resources available within Amazon to increase traffic to those products.

Brand Enhancement

With proven success in our recommendations and implementation processes, our strategies are specific to your brand and ensure alignment with your brand guidelines consistently across all Amazon product properties.

Problem: Our product pages aren’t well organized, and we’re not happy with how they visually represent our brand.


You are in need of high quality images, enhanced brand content, and a little product listing house cleaning to ensure alignment with your brand guidelines.

Brand Protection

Your dedicated Amify team focuses on identifying and enforcing Amazon MAP violations using our proprietary tracking software, as well as regularly reviewing and removing unauthorized sellers.

Problem: Counterfeit sellers, unauthorized sellers, and MAP violators are stealing my business and Amazon isn’t governing the violations.


Brand protection and violation enforcement services on Amazon are complex. Leverage our mastery of it.

Customer Services +

With over 600 vendor partnerships, over one million items sold and shipped, and a 100% lifetime seller rating after over 25k reviews, we make it look easy to serve and ship Prime products at low costs and at scale. Bring it, holiday season.

Problem: I need to ship to my customers in a way that’s low cost, but also scalable, and reliable.


We are the experts at rolling out Amazon FBA accounts, increasing sales with Prime-qualified products, low costs, perfectly scalable, and no headache.

The Amify Difference

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