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Understanding the Three Amazon Discounts and Promotions

Have you ever considered Amazon discounts and promotions when looking to increase organic and advertising-attributed conversion rates?

Here is an overview of some common Amazon discounts and promotions:

 1.  Deal of the Day – This promotion is the highest visibility offer type on Amazon, and it shows up on the Deals landing page. The minimum deal size is $100K+ (sale price x quantity), and it runs for 24 hours.  

Where: This deal can be found at the top of the Deals Page ( Amazon markets the Deals Page through daily email subscriptions, the Amazon mobile app, Twitter, Facebook advertising on Amazon’s page, and a link from High visibility; the deals have a badge (both on listing preview and expanded). Can be used to move excess inventory or to drive brand trial. Cons: Need to sell significant amounts of inventory at a discount.  How to Submit: Deal of the Day submissions are made through your Amazon Seller Rep and should be made a minimum of 30 days before you intend to run.

  1.  Lightning Deals – These are time-bound promotional offers to have your

Where: The deal can be found on the Deals Page ( Amazon markets these deals through daily e-mail subscriptions, the Amazon mobile app, Twitter, Facebook advertising on Amazon’s page, and a link from the Amazon homepage. Pros: The customer has a sense of urgency, there are automatic price changes, strikethrough pricing, and the deals can be cancelled once they are submitted. Cons: The product eligibility, timing, and costs are determined by Amazon. Minimum units for promotion and pricing increase significantly during high-traffic periods like Prime Day and Holiday. Amazon sets the Deal cost, but generally, per item fees range from $150-$500. How to Submit: Lightning Deal submissions are made through the Lightning Deal Dashboard. The dashboard indicates what products are eligible, maximum deal price per product, time period per product, and minimum deal quantity. Once submitted, Amazon must approve the deal before it runs.

  1.  7 Day Deals – These deals are similar to Lightning Deals, but they run for an entire week.

Where: Found on the Deals Page (, but with lower priority than Deal of the Day, and placement is not guaranteed. Badges do appear on search engine results pages with strikethrough messaging on Listing Page. Pros: This deal has a long run time and strike-through pricing. It also has a badge on the search engine results page and listing Page. Cons: There is no guarantee these deals will appear on the Amazon Deals Page, and it is $300/ASIN to run. How to Submit: “Deals” dashboard in your Advertising menu of Seller Central

To learn more about when you should consider using discounts and promotions and how they fit into your growth strategy, check out our webinar “Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Discounts and Promotions.”