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WEBINAR RECAP – Holiday Season 2021: 4 Strategies for Outperforming the Competition on Amazon


Sean Lee – Chief Marketing Officer at Amify – Former P&G brand manager, founder of Zevo Insect, and former personal care industry eCommerce executive.

Nate Ellis – Vice President of Strategy at Amify – Former eCommerce leader at HOMAGE and VP of Marketing at CPG brand O2 Recovery.

The holiday season can mean massive sales for your business… Oftentimes becoming the defining time of year for brands that sell on But with rising advertising costs increasing, market fluctuation and pressures at every stage in the supply chain, brands must fine tune their approach to come out on top.In one of our latest webinars, we shared the four strategies you can implement to drive profits and marketplace performance during one of the most important times of the year.

Highlights and headlines:

  1. How to execute on the variables that you can control as you head into the holiday season
  2. Best practices for creating a failsafe fulfillment backup plan, by diversifying your strategic partners
  3. How to combat rising ad costs with the right mix and tactics, coupled with discipline and rigor in how you deploy those efforts
  4. Tips for overcoming supply chain issues so you’re not left unfulfilled by not being able to fulfill orders

With a formulated plan, you’ll emerge from the 2021 holiday season even stronger and more resilient. And with our approach, you know you’re at the bare minimum positioned in a way that will level up your efforts.For further reading, check out our Founder and CEO’s latest contribution – It’s a deeper dive into how we see brands prepare for the holiday season, and we’re sure there are pieces you can take, implement and leverage as you strategize this year.