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What is Amazon Advertising Attribution?

Have you been using off-Amazon advertising and marketing channels to drive traffic to your Amazon brand store or product listings? If you have been running ads on Facebook or Google, it can be hard to measure the direct impact of your efforts. Most digital advertising platforms allow you to place a pixel on your website to track the impact of your advertising on sales. Having this data can help you can determine your average cost-per-acquisition and average order size. Historically, Amazon has not allowed Facebook and Google’s tracking tools to be added to your Amazon store or product listings.  That has finally changed. Amazon has introduced Amazon Attribution, and it’s available in beta for 1P vendors and 3P sellers who are brand registered. Now Amazon will give brands insight into how their off-platform display, social media, video, email, and search campaigns are performing. Finally, brands will have access to track critical KPIs like detail page views, purchases, and sales revenue.  Brands can now begin making educated decisions to optimize off-platform advertising towards the lowest cost to acquire a customer on Amazon through that specific channel.  Implementing Amazon ad tracking is easy. Amazon has created an “attribution tag” that functions similarly to a Google UTM tag that you append to the end of your Amazon URL.

All it takes is three steps to get started with Amazon Attribution:

  1. Set up your Order by selecting the products you want to track inside your Amazon Attribution Admin
  2. Create a Line Item for each strategy you want to measure and optimize such as one tag per creative or audience strategy
  3. Copy your Amazon Attribution tag(s) into the final destination URL of the ad(s) or ad group(s)

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